The Mumbai Heart Clinic


Niranjan Jagtap Angioplasty under Dr. Sandip Rane
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"Overall the entire staff is very co-operative, prompt and courteous, had no difficulties and during the stay. Doctors attending are extremely receptive, helpful and comforting."
Keerti Dhaliwal Angioplasty under Dr. Sandip Rane
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"Ms. Manjiri, the admin has been the most co-operative. She helped me out in every problem that I was facing very quickly and with perfection. It is hard to come across a hospital like yours where the relatives of patient have a smooth stay. Thank you!"
Rakesh Naik Angioplasty under Dr. Sandip Rane
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Great great great Regards to crown owner Dr. Sandip Rane And Kavita Rane madam
As your hospital is clean and tidy same way you have own your staff which is so compassionate when it comes to patient and in between that crowd ther exist an angel for all relatives of the patient.. Honestly would like to tell as we see him on the entrance we do stand up he creates happiness in all hospital premises if he is inside ICU we are relaxed with no stress. My Personal experiance of my patient as we have lost hope for our patient we really thought we are never gonna see our patient this is the end,whole family and friends collapsed in no time we did talked to doctor but explained patient critical,on that situation that doctor asked one sentence are you ready for everything,do you all want to win fort or go home empty hands ,we just nodded our heads wth all stress filled ,doctor turned back and said I will be back, and icu conversation and situation I really don’t know but I am sure that must be in between doctor and god whos existence he showe. He has Good skills,Ability to solve problems,Effective decision-making skills. Leadership and management skills, compassion and a good bedside manner ,sense of humour and communication skills shd learn frm him no words juss see him u ll smile and the result see our kaka bhagwan hes so well today smiling and cracking jokes really , We naik family and also from the relatives of mukhtar tines and tones of blessings from heart to heart to dr sandip rane sir and your angel dr sandeep marathe beats in heart every relative who stand out also salute staff its work doctors who all cooperated so well thanks again .rane family is marvelous and who all exist their ,and special thanks to dr kavita madam for their quick decision for shifting pat to Apollo thanks to all again RANE HOSPITAL ROCKS Thank you for your excellent care. ... Thank you so much for paying such close attention to my Dad's Health. Thank you for everything.
Johnny Dsouza Angioplasty under Dr. Sandip Rane
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I just wanted to say thank you for making my Dad's treatment bearable. I was extremely lucky to have such caring doctors, nurses and nursing home staff standing by my dad when he was ill and needed attention. Thank you for your excellent care. Thank you so much for paying such close attention to my Dad's Health. Thank you for everything.
Yogesh Atre Angioplasty under Dr. Sandip Rane
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Dear Dr. Rane Let me start with a thought straight from my heart: 'Health’ and ‘Life’ are not valued till sickness or life threatening accidents occur. The greatest glory in living, lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail. I have been so very happy after my Angioplasty done in the month of December and I cannot begin to thank you for everything did for me. The calm attitude of all the Doctors and nurses, bedside manners and knowledge gave me so much of confidence to go ahead with this. Before the operation, I was very wary because I did not know you and I just was referred your name. A very big thank you for the wonder staff and people and environment!!! I would like to thank Dr.Dhamdeep who has worked his magic on my heart! it is rightly said God couldn't be everywhere so he sent doctors with excellence and selflessness.. Last but not the least, I would like thank and mention a name which came very close to my heart.. Dr.Sandeep Marathe, such an understanding and helpful person, always responded with all the queries and helped and guided me throughout the process.. thank you all, each and every staff from security to liftman to admission department and TPA dept and the doctors and staff; that in such a pandemic situation they provided the services without any comprises. We are happy cause of your help. Please accept my thanks for the wonderful quality of care we have received so far, and we hope to continue recommending the doctors and their teams here in the future too! Best wishes, Yogesh Atre.
Salman Shaikh Angioplasty under Dr. Uday Jadhav.
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Excellent Treatment Given By doctors & nursing Staff, My dad Admitted in 15 December, He need immediate bypass surgery. Rane Hospital Management arrange immediate base surgery slot for my dad, After surgery patient recovery also well, Thanks for Management & special thanks for surgeon Dr Uday Jadhav.
Tanvi Khare Angioplasty under Dr. Uday Jadhav.
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The best hospital for heart patients with excellent staff, brilliant doctors, first class service and genuine and effective treatments. Truly a life saver. They also have different govt approved schemes which offer free treatment which is a boon to lower income group. Highly recommended
Siddhi Nare Angioplasty under Dr. Uday Jadhav.
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Suddenly my uncle started to have pain in heart due to high blood pressure. We were in a dilemma and we heard about the well known cardiac hospital 'Mumbai Heart Clinic'. Dr. Sandip Rane helped him in the recovery. The staff was friendly and were very helful.
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